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Our Environmental Club (after-school club) organized the FRUIT DAY on Thursday, January 28, to raise awareness and to educate our Early Years and Elementary students on why to eat and appreciates more veggies and fruits. 2021 is the International year of fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Fruits delivered to all classrooms. Mrs. Chrysi Theodoridou, the Club Coordinator, and Ms. Katerina Karagiaouri, our school nurse, emphases on the benefits of fruit consumption for our health and benefits for our planet. The initiative is part of the Climate Action Super Hero UN project. 


Celebrating World Food day

On Tuesday, October 16th, the students at Pinewood American International School came together to celebrate World Food Day. The theme of the day was #zerohunger. There were many activities dedicated to spreading this message and creating awareness. Upper elementary students worked with Chef Aram of the Hot Pot Pasteria (@hotpotpasteria) restaurant, who participated voluntarily, in preparing food for the homeless. They worked in groups peeling and cutting onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, herbs and carrots.

MISSION: Pinewood aims to offer students a progressive, personalized American international education centered on academic excellence in each student's journey towards self-actualization. This is achieved in a stimulating, multicultural learning environment that emphasizes service, respect for ethical values and awareness of local culture.

VISION: The Pinewood American International School strives to be a growing center of excellence in the region by educating students through best practices for reaching their full potential as adaptable, global citizens

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